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B.M.C. Civil Process Service, with more than 19 years’ experience provides professional, reliable and effective Service of Process locally & nationwide. All of our process servers are diligent in every assignment assigned to them. As a part of the BMC service, we deliver status updates, prompt Proof of Service, and 24/7 availability.

Located in Southwest Riverside County, B.M.C. Civil Process offers the following: Service of Process & Nationwide Complex & Confidential Private Investigations (Direct Focus Investigations - C.A. P.I. Lic. # 27325), Records Research, Courier Service of Legal Documents County to County, Skip Trace Service and Surveillance for service of your legal documents.

B.M.C. Civil Process is committed to providing you with the highest professional level of service, and we will work hard to complete your assignment effectively and swiftly. We realize that until we successfully serve your papers, you cannot move your court case forward.

"Our dedicated Process Servers / Investigative Staff strives to accomplish your goals properly and in a timely manner, and get you the results you deserve."


Includes Summons, Notices, Writs, Subpoenas, Demand Letter Delivery, Family Law Petitions, Restraining Orders, Bank Levy’s and virtually any other legal document needing to be privately served to a company or an individual.

We serve in Riverside County and the four (4) surrounding Counties. Also, we are able to serve statewide in California and nationally via our affiliate servers.

Regular / Routine and Rush Service: B.M.C. Civil Process offers Service of Process to Law firms and private individuals throughout the United States. Our experienced Process Servers provide prompt and effective service of Summons, Subpoenas, Writs, Notices, and other legal documents throughout California. For more information, talk with our staff today!

Court Research: Regular and rush court research at the local, state, and federal level for all necessary legal documents.

Surveillance: Stakeouts and surveillance in relation to serving process. We want to ensure that we are serving the correct defendant, saving you time and irritation.

Skip Tracing: Locating people through online research, witness statements, and surveillance in order to serve an evasive recipient.

Witness Statements: B.M.C. can obtain, In person or telephonic tape-recorded, written statements with full transcription services for Civil personal Injury matters.

Investigations: Detailed and thorough investigations to find the answers you seek. We employ a variety of investigative tactics like surveillance and database research to complete our accurate reports for your case.


(951) 404-5720 - Process Service
(866) 261-6971 - Process Service
(800) 381-6052 - Investigations

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Our Mission

  • No minimum attempts on Service of Process
  • No hidden charges
  • Service attempts continue until it is apparent the subject is avoiding Service.


  • P.I.C.A.
  • ServeManager

Areas of Coverage

  • Riverside County
    *Desert Communities Additional Charge
  • San Diego County
    *Mountain Area Additional Charge
  • San Bernardino County
    *Desert Communities Additional Charge
  • Orange County
  • Los Angeles County
  • Nationwide

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